IT support for
creative businesses
in New York City.

IT support
for creative
in NYC.

Fixed Consulting specializes in the support of Apple computers and devices, along with the
creative appsLike Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoCAD, and Final Cut Pro. 
and business appsLike G Suite, MS Office, Dropbox, and Keynote. you use on them.


Decades of experienceMore about us below. have led us to smart methodologies that utilize the most reliable and low-maintenance solutions available.


We believe transparency and communication are essential parts of a secure, productive and long lastingMost of our clients have been with us between 5 and 15 years. relationship.

Fixed Consulting specializes in the support of Apple computers and devices, along with the creative apps and business apps you use on them.


Decades of experience have led us to smart methodologies that utilize the most reliable and low-maintenance solutions available.


We believe transparency and communication are essential parts of a secure, productive and long lasting relationship.

Purchase & Install

Spec’ing the right computers, apps, and networking equipment for your specific environment. Tidy, professional on-site installation.

Fix & Maintain

On-site and remote software fixes. Hardware repairs. Proactive computer maintenance plans to optimize performance and prevent downtime.

File Sharing

Both local and cloud-based file sharing setups. Document organization and access control. Backup and disaster recovery.

Business-Wide Solutions

Email, shared calendar, shared contacts, and shared docs. Google’s G Suite, Microsoft’s Office 365, and Dropbox Business.

Digital Security

Firewall setup and management. Wired and wireless network security. Malware/adware protection. Best practices instruction.

…and More

Hands-on management of the additional technology and services we all require to thrive: internet services, phone systems, printers, and more.


Sharp Communications, Concept Farm, Lotus Pictures, Billy Cotton, Mark Cunningham, THikit, Freestyle Restyle, CT Marketing, 31 Lengths, American Illustrators Gallery, Engage Simply, Chiara de Rege.


“What would I do without Sebastian Smith’s calm, thorough and reassuring advice when it comes to my computer troubles? I hope to never find out! Always available, up to the challenge and endlessly patient with all of my questions, relevant or otherwise – I go to Seb for everything from basic trouble shooting to purchasing new machinery. There are few people I trust more to be honest, clear and genuinely interested in helping find the right fit for my specific business and personal needs. Seb is the truly best and couldn’t be a nicer person.”

Kate Cummings
Freestyle Restyle

“Sebastian Smith has been our Mac Support person for 6 years or more and could not be more responsive, intuitive or smart. His knowledge of Apple systems, how they integrate with my business, and his ability to trouble shoot is exemplary. In 25 years of business, I’ve never found anyone as spot-on (or as nice to work with) as Seb!”

Pat Thompson
President, C/T Marketing

“Sebastian has saved us from ourselves on more than one occasion. He’s a great IT consultant, and not just because he is patient and thorough. He works with you at your tech level to demystify the process, and makes sure you fully understand everything he advises and puts in place. Can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Elizabeth Kennedy, Principal
Elizabeth Kennedy Landscape Architects PLLC

“I have worked with Sebastian for several years, across many projects, and his unwavering dedication, integrity and resourcefulness have proven his services invaluable time and time again. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable and highly skilled, but also shares a passion for his industry that reflects in his work. He is as hands-on as it gets, and I have yet to find a problem that he can’t fix. And trust me, I’ve thrown more than a few his way. He is an absolute  pleasure to work with and his friendly demeanor and positive attitude keeps all projects moving smoothly.”

Robert Singh
Creative Director, Karbyn

“Sebastian regularly addresses and troubleshoots our IT needs seamlessly and successfully, but rose to hero status in my book on the eve of a major fundraising gala. Just before midnight, an unexpected computer glitch locked us out of the main event database. Sebastian responded to our late night SOS to calmly and swiftly resolve the issue. His expertise combined with his accessibility are an invaluable combination.”

Katie Dimiero
VP, Special Events Director, Sharp Communications

“I can’t thank Sebastian enough! After my iPhone was water damaged, I could not get it to turn on and thought I had lost everything on it. Years of pictures, my kids birthdays, holidays, and 100s of contacts. I ran my whole business from my phone. I tried a couple home remedies suggested online but nothing worked. I don’t know how he did it–all I know is 24 hours after handing Sebastian my phone I had EVERYTHING back!”

Professor Nolan Dutcher
Dutcher Martial Arts
Sebastian Smith, Principal

Sebastian has been working in the field of Information Technology for over 20 years and holds a degree in Graphic Design. When not clicking, typing, or multi-touch gesturing, he can be found spending time with his wife and two children at their farmhouse, or seeking newer, trickier moves while training in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You can see some of his design work here or visit him at LinkedIn.

Isaac Terronez, Senior Technician

Isaac is a video editor, post-production generalist, and all-around technologist. Before teaming up with Fixed Consulting, he was Information Technology Director for an ad agency and video production house in the Midwest. One of his specialties is improving stability and performance in film/video post-production environments. He’s a contributing writer for’s WORKFLOW, an online guide to post production, and you can see his creative work here, or check him out on Twitter or Instagram.

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